Patient Comments

Barrington Rehabilitation and Sports Physical Therapy has helped many patients to recover from a variety of injuries, conditions and surgeries. Here is what just a few of our delighted patients them have to say.


Question: What do you like best about Barrington Rehabilitation?

Very friendly and very helpful.  You go the extra mile in care and service.  I would change nothing - you are the best around our area.
     — Sue K.


Outstanding care for the client's well-being. And I have recommended this clinic to everyone I know who needs therapy.
     — Henry W.


The promptness of appointments and friendly service.
     — Anonymous


It's clean and I feel comfortable in the clinic.
     — Blair G.


Everyone from telephone scheduling to the in-clinic visits is very friendly and helpful.
     — Mary M.


The therapist is excellent! Helped me understand my injury and talked to my doctor.
     — Albert A.


Knowledge and friendliness of staff.  Very concerned and helpful.
     — Michelle M.


The therapist was professional, affable, extremely knowledgeable and works with his patients at a perfect pace. 
     — Peter K.


Friendliness.  It was always a pleasure, she was very kind when pain was present, very thoughtful.
     — Elaine S.


Organized, clean and everyone is friendly.
     — Karen L.


The whole experience was good, considering the circumstances.
     — Mark S.


Upbeat atmosphere.  Very accommodating.
     — Teresa P.


The entire staff was very friendly and most professional in their care for me. I was completely satisfied with the care I received.
     — Barbara S.


The timeliness of getting appointments.  Personable staff.  Most of all, the identification of the problem areas my daughter suffered with, communication with the doctor, and the resulting success after four years of PT and surgeries.
     — Diana K.


Professional attitude and approach to my condition.  Pushing me to rehab my injury aggressively.
     — Charlie K.


They make me feel at ease. Jennifer put "fun" in getting better. The friendly and courteous employees from scheduling, billing and therapist. They have all been more than accommodating with our need to reschedule.
     — Kathryn


Great atmosphere. Everyone is friendly, relaxed, but efficient and effective. It appeared that the staff enjoys working together.
     — Claire


I have dealt with this clinic for three different injuries over several years and have seen consistent, high-quality, professional treatment.
     — Annette, RN


Professional atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable and very attentive to my needs.
     — Victoria


I appreciate how you all were concerned about the progress of each patient and myself. All of you are very friendly, honest and wanting to help improve the status of each patient. I was very impressed with the professionalism and caring of my therapist.
     — Ryan


Dear Paul,
Sometimes there are no words. It is impossible to tell you just how much your care, your compassion and your help has meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
     — Amy

Dear Paul,
Thanks for the excellent care you have given me during my recuperation for the pinched nerve in my lower back. I have greatly benefited from the exercises and therapy you and your colleagues have given me, and believe it or not, am even enjoying doing the workouts at home. Will wonders never cease! I wish you and your team all the success in the world, and hope you can help many more people as you have helped me. Thanks again for all you've done to help me get better.
    Sincerely yours, Walter

Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for curing me. I got better a lot sooner than I thought and that's good. I got to get back to gymnastics a lot quicker, you know how much I missed it. All the pain I went through to get back was worth it. All your therapy worked. I also want to thank you for coming to the meet. You brought me good luck. I hope your children liked it. I know I loved watching gymnastics. Well thanks again. I hope I see you guys again.
     — Diana (age 11)