If you have insurance, Barrington Rehabilitation will gladly bill your claim to your insurance company as a courtesy to you.

We are required to collect your copay at the time of service. Because this is an insurance requirement, we cannot bill you for your copay.

Once your insurance company processes your claim, you will be billed for your coinsurance. If you have a deductible, we ask that you pay at the time of service.

Unless other arrangements are approved by us in writing, the balance on your statement is due and payable when the statement is issued and is past due if not paid by the end of the month.

If you do not have insurance, payment is due at the time of treatment.

Please note: If you have a secondary insurance, we ask that you please pay the amount your primary insurance determines you owe. After your payment is received, a statement will be mailed to you to submit for reimbursement.